About the Snowflake

The original snowflake, a New York attraction since 1984, was dedicated to UNICEF by the Stonbely family in 2002. On its 20th anniversary, UNICEF sought the help of renowned lighting designer Ingo Maurer and his team in Germany to design and engineer a new snowflake. Collaborating with the world’s leading crystal-maker, Baccarat, they constructed the largest outdoor chandelier.

In 2005, a larger snowflake was created. While both snowflakes are beautiful, handcrafted crystal ornaments consisting of 12 double sided branches, they have slight differences making each truly unique.

The New York Snowflake contains 16,000 crystal prisms, is 23 feet wide and over 28 feet tall, and weighs more than 3,300 pounds. While the original Snowflake contains 12,000 crystals, is 17 feet wide and over 14 feet tall, weighs 1,600 pounds and is illuminated by 125 steady-burning and 300 high-powered flashing LED lights.



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